We’ve Done It!!

This morning we presented the Japanese Community Congress with our collections so far.


And still more donations on the way!

Thank you all again for your support and participation in this noble cause to help the people of Japan.

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Another Video

Here’s a video showing the setup of the event and how exciting the throw-a-thon ended.

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Don’t forget to turn in your pledges!

We’ll need all the pledges turned by Saturday the 9th so we can meet the JCCsj’s deadline.


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Videos of our Event!!

Here are a couple of videos shot during the day by friends of the event…enjoy!!

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A Success!!!

Great Day with the Throw-A-Thon today!
We collected $1959 today in public donations at the farmer’s market!!!!
This does not include our pledge sheets yet!  I’ll keep you posted for the grand total!!!
A big Thank you to all the families and participants!!!  I especially should thank Paul Fox who really helped make the event a big success!!

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Location is the Campbell Farmer’s Market

We have a location and time for the event now!  It will be at the Campbell Farmer’s Market on Sunday, April 3rd.  We will have our Throw-a-Thon from 11am to 1pm! (We’ll be there all morning with our donation box, but we’ll have our throw-a-thon start at 11am)

So we’ll break up the 2 hours into 20 minute shifts:

Shift 1 – 11:00 to 11:20
Shift 2 – 11:20 to 11:40
Shift 3 – 11:40 to 12:00
Shift 4 – 12:00 to 12:20
Shift 5 – 12:20 to 12:40
Shift 6 – 12:40 to 1:00

Let me know if there is a shift you’d like to participate in!  You can either email me or sign-up at the SVJ dojo (the list is up on the mirror as you come in).

Thank for all your support!!

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Date Moving to April 3rd!


We’ve decided to move the date out to Sunday, April 3rd.  We have not been able to find a public venue for the event and were considering holding the Throw-a-thon in the dojo at SVJ.  However, we’ve decided to push the event out one week to continue our search!

We realize this may stop some of the families who were already committing to participate…we are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Good Meeting!

Thanks to everyone who particpated in a quick meeting to discuss what we need for the day of the event!

Status:  Still looking for a venue, but got some good ideas for alternative locations.  We also got a laundry list of items needed for a smooth successful event!

We need about 75 people to participate in the event.  We have about 20 signed up so far!  That’s a great start considering we don’t know the exact time or location!

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Vital Event Info

Title: Judo for Japan

What: Throw-a-Thon

Where: The Campbell Farmer’s Market

When: Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Time: 11am to 1pm

Make Checks to: JCCsj with “Tsunami/Earthquake Relief” in the memo line.

Where is the money going: Japanese Red Cross

Description: A “Throw-a-Thon”.  This fundraiser is very similar to a walk-a-thon where students get pledges.  However, we will collect pledges (based on the total number of throws) for an entire team of judokas instead of individuals.  We will get together and take turns throwing each other in a “throwing circle”.  With enough participants (75 or so…of all ages) we could each do a shift of 20 minutes throwing and taking falls (about 10 to 15 falls each).  We hope to reach 1000 throws in a 2-hour time period (about 8 throws per minute).  We want to do this in a public arena where we can hopefully get additional donations from the public.

Why: In this devastating time, Judo students are reminded that Judo is a martial art and sport that originated in Japan and we continue to have very strong ties with each other and with our friends and mentors in Japan. Normally, it is the Japanese Sensei who generously
help us with our techniques and with our Judo. Now is the time for us to give back to them.

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We now know how to get the money to the right people!

We learned tonight that we can have all donations sent to the Japantown Community Congress of San Jose (JCCsj).  They will collect donations and transfer them to the General Consulate of Japan in San Francisco.  The Japanese Consulate will transfer the funds to the Japanese Red Cross.  Both organizations (the JCCsj and the Japanese Consulate) will transfer 100% of the funds directly with no fees taken out.


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Checks are tax-deductible.

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